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All-Purpose Toddler Table

$76.95 -- 24" Diameter

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All-Purpose Toddler Table For your toddler this is the next step up from a feeding table. Spacious 24" table top is made of high impact, plastic laminate tha is durable, washable, scrath resistant and there is plenty of room for two. This table is perfect for a wide variety of toddler activities.

The matching chair (sold separately) is designed for comfort and safety, featuring wide, tip-resistant legs, an extra wide seat, angled backrest and easy-grip tote handles.

Corners on the table and chair are rounded and smooth.

Dimensions: 24" diameter x 14" high (from the ground up to table top)

Purchase All-Purpose Toddler Table

  • Table Height: 14" high; 16" high
  • Item No: F-324

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