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Easy Stand Dominos Set of 100


Purchase Easy Stand Dominos Set of 100

Easy Stand Dominos Set of 100

Easy-stand, extra large dominos are designed for little hands to easily manipulate. The uniquely designed base and pitch of each domino helps the small child stand them up easily, with little frustration and yet when pushed they will come tumbling down upon each other. Children will find many ways to design and stack the dominos using bridges and stairs. Includes 100 dominos, 2 bridges and one stair.

LEARNING GOALS: Teach color discrimination. Exercise the child's ability to grasp and stack. Coordinate visual and tactile sensory modalities. Understand the importance of mental focus and attention to detail.

Dimensions: Each Domino: 1 3/4"W x 3 1/2"H  with 3/4" angled base

Purchase Easy Stand Dominos Set of 100

  • Item No: ES-21

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