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Memory Dial


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Memory Dial

Memory Dial has 8 compartments to hold color or picture disks. Selecte disks are placed into each compartment. The child studies the sequence and then covers it with the dial plate. The child slowly turns the dial and attempts to recall what will appear in the opening next. Memory is tested to high levels of complexity by recalling the postion of objects in exact clockwise or counterclockwise order. The base of each compartment is a write-and-wipe surface so that the teacher or child can use a dry erase marker to write in a wide variety of letter, number or symbol sequences. Includes color and picture tiles with storage bag. Dry erase marker not included.

LEARNING GOALS: Develop sequential memory capabilities. Develop memory for patterns and systematic arrangements of information

DIMENSIONS: 16"L x 16"W x 8"H 

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  • Item No: MC-10

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