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Tumble Down Counting Pegs


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Tumble Down Counting Pegs
TAG’s unique toy design that teaches counting in a concrete, active and enjoyable way. 10 interchangeable number plates can be placed individually into the top of the counting box. Child places pegs into the holes next to the number while counting aloud, first with help, then alone. When the count is complete the child pulls the knob on the side of the box and the pegs come tumbling down. With this reward the child will repeat the activity with a given number over and over again, eventually practicing each number and becoming aware of the concrete quantity associated with the numerical symbol.

LEARNING GOALS: The child will learn the names of each number and how to count from 1 to 10. The positive reinforcement of having the pegs tumble down after each count encourages the child to repeat the counting exercise until the number and its quantity is known and understood.

DIMENSIONS: 9˝"L x 9˝"W x 6"H

Customer Testimonial:

"My daughter will love playing with the tumble down pegs, and it will help her learn her numbers without her even realizing she is learning".

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  • Item No: CMR-1

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