Message From The CEO

Every child will pass through a “Window of Opportunity”. This is the period from birth to 5 years of age when the physical brain, the only organ not fully developed at birth, is rapidly growing. It grows through stimulation from the environment. When brain cells are stimulated they grow “dendrites” which are extensions from the cell that form connections between and among other brain cells. These connections store information for future use and are therefore the basis of intelligence.

What is important to understand is the tremendous capacity the brain of a young child has for growth. The amount and variation of stimulation during this period is critical as a foundation of intellectual growth.

The mission of TAG (Think And Grow) Toys is to provide toys that stimulate specific thinking abilities during this critical “window of opportunity” and in so doing, provide the child with the important subskills required for more advanced learning and success in school and life.

Larry Mestyanek, Ph.D.