Puzzles Develop the Mind of Toddlers and Babies

We are asked, “What is the educational value of puzzles for toddlers and babies?

Puzzles are a very important part in the development of concepts, fine-motor skills and confidence for babies and toddlers.  From simply connecting colors that are alike, to fitting shapes together and to developing simple hand skills like grasping, holding and placing items together, puzzles are fantastic tools that help youngsters learn and develop a wide range of physical and mental skills.

Toddlers can start with basic puzzles, like horsesbutterflies and cat puzzles. As toddlers gain confidence they can be introduced to new, more complex puzzles which help keep them developing motor skills and mental growth.

Gears Puzzle from TAG Toys

A natural progression for toddlers is to start with simple puzzles, and then move into size/shape comparison puzzles, and then to more creative types of puzzles like the TAG Toys Gears Puzzle. Puzzles are great for introducing more advanced concepts too, like numbers and letters. These types of puzzles often simply focus on introducing these characters to children, however more complex varieties also are designed to teach spelling and math.  Puzzles can also take the form of creative make-you-own puzzles which involve drawing and writing to help connect a child’s imagination and creativity to their puzzle-solving skills.

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