The Times, They are a Changing

How often have you heard someone (or yourself) say, “We didn’t have all these educational toys when we were little but we developed okay.” We did, for our generation, but each new generation evolves into a “species” of its own according to environmental demands. Such evolution is imperceptible within a given generation but cumulative over several generations and truly recognized only in hindsight. Every element of the universe is in a state of flux and as each element interacts with another, change occurs. So it is with the development of intelligence whereby the mind is in constant contact with a changing and more complex environment requiring higher levels of intelligence as well as new and different kinds of intelligence.

A young child benefits from early intellectual stimulation as this is the most formative period of biological growth which includes the brain. With more and earlier stimulation thinking abilities will develop more completely and in diversified ways as a response to current environmental demands. The key is early and diversified stimulation.

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