Games that Teach, Entertain and Give Kids a Workout

We are asked, “Are there any toys that can simultaneously help teach my kids and also give them physical exercise at the same time?”

Educational games that have physical components are well grounded in multi-sensory learning theory, which suggests that as more relevant dimensions (sight, hearing, tactile, physical experience) is added to a learning experience the higher the retention of details and the understanding of the material will be.

When a learning experiences can be combined with a game there is another dimension (fun) can be introduced that help learning even more interesting. Games like the Number Ring Toss from TAG Toys is an exciting activity that can help teach kids about basic numbers, and help develop skills for doing basic math.

Number Ring Toss

Ring toss number games are played by adding numbers won by getting the ring over different pegs and are simple fun games  everyone in the family can participate in. Variations on the game like the subtraction game, can be created where the first one to negative twenty (by subtracting scores) is the winner.

Additional opportunities to introduce kids to different mathematical concepts like multiplication and division can even be introduced during ring-toss games as bonus rounds or penalty throws where  total scores are multiplied by the ‘next’ value scored.

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