Piggy Banks Teach Kids about Saving Money

A reporter asks us… “Other than a savings account, how can you teach children about saving money?”

Managing money can actually be fun, if you’re five years old and it’s your own piggy bank.

Wooden Pig Bank from TAG Toys

To help teach children about saving money, one of the very earliest, easiest, and probably most important things a parent can do is to provide an opportunity for the child to start saving money right in their own room, with their own piggy bank.

A child’s piggy bank provides a real world example that families can talk about and reference, when a parent decides it’s time to introduce and discuss more advanced savings or financial concepts. Parents might explain ‘…its like your piggy bank, remember how you have been saving your money in your room…?’

Wooden Bear Bank from TAG Toys

We (TAGToys.com) think our collection of Wooden Animal Banks are a perfect start for this job. Our high-quality personal banks help children gain insight into money and help parents teach the concept of saving.  The line of TAG Toys Wooden Animal Banks for homes and classrooms, come in six animal shapes, including a cat, bear, dinosaur, elephant, snail, and of course a Piggy Bank, from TAGToys.com

Wooden Cat Bank from TAG Toys

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