Blocks of Fun Improve Motor Skills of Very Young Children

We are asked, “My two year old seems clumsy. Do you have any toys that will help her improve her coordination and balance.”

Growing can be both a bit uncomfortable and an awkward experience, and toddlers need practice and some time to develop the skills the rest of us take for granted.  TAG Toys makes many toys that help youngsters improve physical coordination, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Blocks Of Fun from TAG Toys

The TAG Toys Blocks of Fun toy has fifteen-blocks in four bright colors, which fit together inside a rolling wagon. Regular play with the blocks helps youngsters develop fine motor skills including grasping, passing objects between their hands, stacking and fitting.  The wagon also encourages youngsters to gain confidence in pushing or pulling the wagon around, and to develop general balance and walking skills.

Other toys from the TAG Toys collection that also help develop fine motor skills and coordination for very young children include Size & Shape Wagon of Blocks, TAG Toys First Building Blocks and Maple Shape Sorter.

TAG Toys is a family business hand-crafting educational Toys for children in the USA. Whether you are shopping for girls or boys TAG Toys has great gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Birthdays for kids of all ages. Please visit

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