The Expert in Toys for Babies

A reporter writes… “Does your company have an expert on staff who we can interview about the social milestones of babies?”

Indeed we do.  Nearly thirty year ago (1976) Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Mestyanek recognized there was a significant lack of materials available for youngsters (infants, babies, toddlers & children) who were suffering from intellectual deficits and learning disabilities. His response was to start making wooden educational toys (in his garage) that were designed from the key findings in pediatrics learning & educational research, to help nurture the physical development and mental growth of these precious babies.

Giant Knob Shape Puzzle from TAG Toys

Today, TAG Toys is still a family owned company that proudly hand-crafts hundreds of kinds of educational children’s toys in the USA. We are happy to introduce our company founder to you to help you with your upcoming article.

TAG Toys is an environmentally friendly, family company that is proud to hand craft its Toys in the USA such as baby educational toys, infant wood toys, and perception toys for kids. Please visit

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