Make Holiday Personal with a Toy for a Toddler

We are asked,  “What should I give to a toddler for Christmas who already has tons of toys?”

For youngsters who seem to already have all the toys they can handle, consider giving them a toy that makes a personal connection, like a colorful puzzle that spells out their name.  The Personalized Name Puzzle from TAG Toys helps two-to-four year olds learn their name and provides a educational game that is initially challenging, and then becomes rewarding as they learn to fit the fun colorful wooden letters into the correct cut-out spaces.

Two Line Name Puzzle from TAG Toys

Parents can spend time saying the names of the letters out loud with their children, which reinforces the sequence of letters that are use to spell out the child’s name.  Children who are encouraged to trace each letter with their finger learn hand-eye coordination and start to gain appreciation for the idea that they can ‘make’ letters by moving their arm, hand and fingers.  Children eventually out grow the simple puzzle, however the puzzle becomes and important nameplate and a timeless childhood keepsake whose sentimental value increases year after year.

TAG Toys is a family company hand crafting toys in the USA such as blocks for babies, educational toys for infants, and sorting toys for kids. Visit

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