Low Tech Toys Are Unusual Fun Gifts

A reporter writes… “I’m looking for unusual gift ideas for our upcoming show. Do you have any suggestions?”

If you really want to make an unusual product suggestion this year, recommend something that does not have an on/off switch.

Parents who want to give a truly healthy gift to their young children this holiday might be interested to learn that simple, basic childhood toys are far better than ultra-high-tech noise makers when it comes to promoting early life cognitive development, and at helping children improve their social, physical & motor skills.

One Line Name Puzzle from TAG Toys

Children actually love real toys like Name Puzzles & Building Blocks. Even groups like the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) report healthy learning habits are developed through playtime, not from technology.

Some of our favorite, no-tech toys we are recommending for the holiday include the Personalized Name Puzzle which has the child’s name carved into individual letters, the Toy Lock Box which teaches children about home/personal safety, and our good old fashion Wooden Alphabet Puzzle. These are fun healthy toys that last a lifetime.

Little Lock Box from TAG Toys

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